The MF 700 range of planters has been designed to offer superb quality, timeliness and precision to larger scale, professional growers, while their 72-litre seed hoppers mean less downtime. Adjustable gauge wheel arms suit varying soil and residu

The MF 600 is a range of planters for all seasons, suitable for handling both small seeds and larger row crops. With two basic deisgns, the �L� model has a lighter frame and the �M� has slightly more

The MF 500 series of planters has a model to suit most row crop applications, with an option to specify mechanical or vacuum seed metering. With a range of options for disc openers and tine fertiliser openers, models in the MF 500 range can also

The MF 400 series of planters has been designed too meet the requirements of medium scale row crop growers. With 4 models offering a choice of rows and spacings, these planters mechanical seed metering for simple operation and accurate placement

The robust, reliable MF 300 series of planters has been designed specifically for small grain and professional rice growers, ensuring minimum soil compaction and excellent traction. Row spacing is fixed at the optimum 17cm for small seed crops, t

The MF 200 range of planters offers row widths from 40 cm to 90 cm. Like the MF 100 range these machines offer simple design and operation, but require slightly more horsepower. This trailed machine features mechanical metering, angled rubber gau

The MF 100 and MF 100 LO planters are tough, three-point mounted machines for use on small to medium sized farms. The MF 100 & MF 100 LO series has the ability to handle a variety of crops from maize to cotton. These planters ensure accurate

Models to meet a variety of planting regimes - from conventional planting right through to conservation practice in minimal tillage/no tillage areas. With massive frame construction, accurate seed singulation and placement plus a variety of opt